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Delegate Registration

Delegate registrations are FREE and provides you with access to all the invited talks and demonstrations. However, please note that you will need to fill out separate forms in order to participate in individual competitions, including NeuroArt, NeuroFiction, 2 Minutes Solutions etc., links to which are given below.

Oral/Poster Presentation

The Poster/Oral Presentation event aims at attracting active researchers and students in the various fields of neuroscience and providing them with a platform to present their work to our audiences in the form of oral/poster presentations.


2 Minute Solutions

This one of a kind event is designed exclusively for Highschoolers, to give them a chance to enhance their thinking skills and problem solving abilities, by tackling real world research problems and coming up with innovative solutions for the same.



Anyone acquainted with neuroscience knows that there is a significant aesthetic aspect to our field. For example, while Cajal’s drawings were groundbreaking in his time, one reason we still celebrate them is their enduring aesthetic value. We want to celebrate that very aspect of our field with this contest- by inviting submissions of visuals that cherish the aesthetic beauty of neuroscience. 



The Neurofiction event is your chance to let your creative juices flow and flaunt your writing skills. This event allows you to blend your love for the field of neuroscience with your passion for words and to dive deep into the beauty of neuroscience. Don't be contained by what's right and what's not. Let your perception do the talking.


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