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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is organizing the NeuroNovember Convention?

The NeuroNovember Convention is jointly organized by two youth-led initiatives - Project Encephalon (PE) and Stimulus. PE and Stimulus strive to create a diverse community of aspiring neuroscientists. Through this event, we aim to spread the passion for Neurosciences far and wide, throughout different strata of audiences.


Is there any cost associated with participation?

Upholding our accord of igniting the passion for Neurosciences among our audiences, this event is completely free of cost, and we would encourage one and all to take part in it and make this venture a huge success. The submission of entries/abstracts towards our competitions is also free of cost


How can I register for the convention?

The General Registration for the event will end on 21 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM IST. You can click on the Register button on our website, fill in the required details, and with that, you'll be eligible to attend the Neuronovember Convention. One can also participate in the various events by signing up for individual events under the Register tab. 


How can I participate in the competitions?

Participants can register for the specific competitions they are interested in on our website. You need to click on the link to register for the event on the website and fill in the required details. Following this, a google form will be made available to you to submit your entries. You need to submit your entries before the deadline.


Can participants who are not part of Project Encephalon and/or Stimulus register for the convention?

Yes, most definitely, all members across the globe are encouraged to register for this convention. While it is not compulsory, we would encourage you to join Project Encephalon and Stimulus as a member or volunteer. You can attend the Neuronovember Convention without signing up as a member or volunteer!


Are members and volunteers of Project Encephalon or Stimulus required to register for the convention separately?

The members and volunteers of both the organizations are encouraged to fill out the same General Registration form as all other attendees, and register for the convention, regardless of their affiliations with the different organizations.


What are the prizes for the competitions?

We are thankful to our sponsors for providing prizes for each event. We encourage participants to check out individual event pages for more information about prizes.


Will I get certificates as a participant in the convention?

Yes, all the registered attendees will receive a certificate of participation. 


I can’t attend NeuroNov due to some prior reasons, can I get links to the recorded event?

We can’t promise you if we will be able to record all sessions as it is subject to the availability of the recording feature on the hosting platform. We encourage you to register for the convention as we will share links to individual sessions with all registered attendees (in case we are able to record them).

Is this event a week-long event?

No, this is a four-day event spread across two weekends - 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th November 2020. The days 23rd to 27th do not have any scheduled events under the aegis of NeuroNovember. 


I have another query regarding the convention. Whom should I contact?

All further queries can be addressed to and we will try our best to answer your queries at the earliest.

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